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Height: 6'2"
Weight: 195 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Other Distinguishing Features: None

Real Name: Unknown
Other Current Aliases: None
Former Aliases: None
Dual Identity: Known to the authorities, and probably Mysterio
Current Occupation: Mercenary
Former Occupation:Unknown
Citizenship: U.S. Citizen
Legal Status: In prison
Place of Birth: Unknown
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Confidants: Unknown
Known Allies: Mysterio
Major Enemies: Spider-Man
Usual Base of Operations: New York City
Former Base of Operations: Unknown
Current Group Membership: None
Former Group Membership: ?

Armada was the first villain Ben Reilly faced as the new Spider-Man. He first appeared in Sensational Spider-Man #0, which is the same issue Ben creates his new Spider-Man costume. Armada was a specialist at getting hard-to-get items. He was hired by Mysterio (in his own brand new costume) to steal a new piece of technology, the D.I.T. chip (Digital Imagery Transmission). This invention was created by Dr. Ramirez and was invented to revolutionize the entertainment industry. The chip read a person's thoughts and was able to electronically produce an image for a person to see. Mysterio wanted Armada to break into the Neural Port Complex to steal the device.

Armada broke into the complex and we discovered that he wore a suit of armor and had little robots that accompanied him. He gave each one of these robots a female name and had an emotional attachment to them. Ben as the new Spider-Man was out webslinging near the Neural Port Complex when his spider-sense went off. He jumped into action and tried to prevent Armada from stealing the D.I.T. chip. He crushed one of Armada's robots, Diane, and Armada went berserk. Armada kidnapped Dr. Ramirez and the D.I.T. chip. Spidey was able to rescue Dr. Ramirez, but Mysterio took control of Armada's robots and grabbed the chip. Ben webbed up Armada, who was then taken to prison.

Armada next appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #408. He broke out of prison with the help of his robots and immediately set off to find Spider-Man. Meanwhile, Mysterio had secretly placed special lenses over Spider-Man's mask in Sensational Spider-Man #1 and as a result Ben was seeing illusions that he thought was real. Ben rescued a gang member, Shakim, from being killed by a rival gang. Ben thought the gang members were ghouls of some kind. Armada found the gang members and teamed up with them to kill Spider-Man and Shakim. Armada used some kind of ray beam on Ben which caused him tremendous pain. Shakim fired a gun at Armada which gave Ben just enough time to recover. Ben pounded Armada into the ground and ripped off his armor with his bare hands. During the battle, Mysterio's lenses malfunctioned and Ben was able to remove them from his mask.

Armada's final appearance that I know of was in Amazing Spider-Man #413. Mysterio, who had escaped prison with Armada, had created an illusion to make Spider-Man think he had shrunk to the size of a toy and was in a child's room. The kid's toys seemed to come to life and attacked Ben. The toys were modified by Armada's robots to attack Spider-Man. Spider-Man started to destroy the toys and Armada went nuts, because he had an emotional attachment to them as well. When Spider-Man destroyed on of his robots, Armada attacked him, which ended Mysterio's illusion. Ben was able to defeat Armada and once again leave him webbed up for the police.

Powers and Abilities

Strength level: Armada has increased strenght due to his armor. Without the armor, he has the strength of a normal man.

Powers: Armada in his armor can fly, shoot lasers, and control his robots.

AbilitiesArmada is a high-tech thief with who built a suit of armor and the robots.

Equipment: Suit of armor and robots

Weapons: Armada's armor has the ability to shoot lasers. His robots are als capable of this.

Limitations: Armada's attachment to his robots causes him to jump into action without thinking. This is one of the reasons why he was always defeated by Ben.

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