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Black Cat


[black cat]
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 120lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Other Distinguishing Features: None

Image comes from the Cat Scratch Fever Page and is used with permission.


Real Name: Felicia Hardy
Other Current Aliases: None
Former Aliases: Felicity Harmon
Dual Identity: The Black Cat
Current Occupation: Owns Cat's Eye Private Investigation firm
Former Occupation: Was a thief
Citizenship: U.S. Citizen
Legal Status: Has a criminal record, but has legal amnesty thanks to Jean DeWolffe
Place of Birth: Queens,New York
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Walter Hardy -- father(deceased), Lydia Hardy -- mother
Known Confidants: Peter Parker, Mary Jane Parker
Known Allies: Spider-Man
Major Enemies: Kingpin
Usual Base of Operations: New York City
Former Base of Operations: Once travelled with the Foreigner
Current Group Membership: None
Former Group Membership: None

Felicia Hardy was born in Queens,NY. She was an excellent gymnast and was always trying to impress her mother. Felicia's father, Walter, was never home. She thought he was away on business. In reality Walter was a cat burglar. Felicia in the meantime started to study the martial arts after she was almost mugged. She also discovered she had a talent in lockpicking. Felicia eventually learned what her father's real occupation and wanted to be just like him. She created her alter ego: The Black Cat.

After she learned that he was dying of cancer and did not want to die alone, she hired to crooks in an attempt to break Walter out of jail. It was at this time she first met Spider-Man. They fought and after the fight she lifted his mask up partially and kissed him. Felicia was able to escape and break Walter out of jail. She brought him home and revealed her identity to him. However, Walter tried to persuade her to give up her life of crime. Spider-Man had followed the Black Cat home and they got into another fight. Felicia slipped and fell off the roof. Spider-Man tried to grab her, but was unable to hold on. Spidey left thinking she was dead. Walter died that very night.

Felicia had no powers to begin with. She staged accidents so that her opponents would think she was creating bad luck. Felicia began to idolize Spider-Man and ended her life of crime. She was granted amnesty for her crimes and became Spider-Man's partner. However, Peter was constantly worried about her because she had no powers. While he was away in the Secret Wars, she received super powers from an unknown benefactor. She later learned that the Kingpin of Crime was responsible. She eventually revealed her "bad luck" powers to Spider-Man. However, her powers started to effect Spider-Man (which was Fisk's plan all along).

Felicia and Peter eventually broke up. Part of the reason was Felicia wasn't attracted to Peter Parker. She didn't understand why he wanted to be ordinary when he could be Spider-Man all the time. Felicia was able to have her powers removed by Dr. Strange, and left NY. She returned to New York and learned Peter was married. She then started to date Flash Thompson to make Peter jealous. However, she fell in love with him and was devastated when he broke up with her. Felicia and Peter are now friends. She is even best friends with Mary Jane. Felicia now runs the Cat's Eye Detective Agency, and still has adventures as the Black Cat.

Powers and Abilities
Strength level: Normal human

Powers: She used to possess "bad luck" powers which allowed her to alter probability. However, she no longer has those powers.

Abilities: Excellent gymnast. She is an expert in Okinawa (Japanese form of self defense).

Equipment:Grappling hooks, ropes, infared contact lenses

Weapons: Claws

Limitations: Felicia is a norman human being with no super powers

image comes from the Cat Scratch Fever Pageand is used with permission.

image comes from the Spider-Man Pics Page

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