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Impact Web Shooters

While Ben was on the road for five years, he had an opportunity to design a new arsenal. He designed his impact web shooters while he was away. These web shooters were designed by Ben to utilize his new impact webbing. It is similar to Peter Parker's webbing but it is packed into a ball. It is designed to generate multiple tendrils of webbing on impact. Ben used his impact webbing when he fought Venom. The webbing separated Eddie Brock from his symbiote. Ben designed the webbing so that someone of his strength could break it. This proved ineffective when he fought hundreds of Spider-clones in the Maximum Clonage saga.

Benís individual web cartridge has a multitude of functions. Each cartridge has to ability to fire impact webbing and regular webbing. In addition each cartridge can also fire Benís stinger weapons and microdot tracers (see below).

Other Equipment

The stingers are one other weapon in the Scarlet Spider's arsenal. They are some darts that are stored in Ben's wrist cuffs. They contain a tranquilizer that incapacitates an enemy for a few minutes. They seem to work well, but they cannot penetrate armor. Both the stingers and impact webbing are released through wrist motions. Ben's web shooters have wrist muscular galvanic sensors, which work through motion of the wrist.

Ben uses a newly designed tracer. He abandoned the spider-shaped tracer for the microdot tracer. The tracer is smaller than Peterís and is shaped like a Frisbee. Ben is able to track down his tracers using his Spider-Sense just as Peter can do with his tracers

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