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Green Goblin


Height: 5'11"
Weight: 185 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
Other Distinguishing Features: None

Real Name: Norman Osborn
Other Current Aliases: None that I know of
Former Aliases: None
Dual Identity: Revealed after death (However, he returned and convinced people he wasn't the Goblin. That was of course until Peter defeated him before the recent relaunch).
Current Occupation: none (he is insane)
Former Occupation: Owner of Osborn Industries
Citizenship: U.S. Citizen
Legal Status: ?
Place of Birth: Hartford, Connecticut
Marital Status: Widow
Known Relatives: Harry Osborn(son) Liz Osborn (daughter-in-law) Normie (grandson)
Known Confidants: None
Known Allies: Kraven the Hunter once aided him
Major Enemies: Spider-Man
Usual Base of Operations: New York City
Former Base of Operations: Europe
Current Group Membership: None
Former Group Membership: ?

Norman Osborn was owner and president of Osborn Industries. His business partner was Mendell Strom (later known as the Robot Master). Osborn framed Stromm for embezzling and Stromm was sent to prison. Osborn then tried an experimental formula that Stromm was working on. He almost died from taking the formula. Osborn was given increased strength and intelligence. However, the formula had a side effect. It caused insanity in Osborn. He created a new costumed identity for himself: The Green Goblin. The Goblin wanted to become king of the underworld. He thought he could accomplish this by killing Spider-Man, and he almost succeeded. Osborn eventually devised a special formula to deactivate Spider-Man's spider sense. He was thus able to learn that Peter Parker was really Spider-Man. He then revealed his own identity to Peter. During their battle, Osborn was electrocuted and had amnesia. Peter burned the Goblin costume and allowed Norman to go free.

Osborn's memory of the Green Goblin returned on different occasions. During the last time his memory came back the Goblin decided to exact ultimate revenge on Spider-Man. He kidnapped Peter's girlfriend, Gwen Stacey, and brought her to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge. During the battle with Spider-Man, Gwen(who was unconscious) was knocked off the bridge. Spider-Man tried to save her with his webbing, but her neck snapped. It is hard to say what caused Gwen's death. Was she already dead when Norman placed her on the bridge? or Did Spider-Man accidentally cause her death? See the Death of Gwen Stacey Trade Paperback for the complete story. Peter went after the Goblin and almost killed him. However, he stopped before he actually committed murder. The Goblin tried to impale Spider-Man with his glider, but was impaled by the glider himself. Harry Osborn showed up after Spider-Man left and removed Norman's costume so his identity would remain a secret.

Everyone thought Norman Osborn died that night. However, the Goblin formula provided him with a regeneration factor. He moved to Europe and started a criminal empire there. He also began to plan his revenge on Peter Parker. Osborn manipulated Ben Reilly and Peter Parker. He was the one that altered Seward Trainer's test results that proved Ben was the real Spider-Man. In a battle Ben was impaled by Osborn's glider. Osborn proved to be one of Spider-Man's toughest opponents because he could manipulate people behind the scenes. Spider-Man's greatest enemy was not the Green Goblin, it was Norman Osborn. Osborn was successful in scaring J. Jonah Jameson and brought out the Daily Bugle. He made Peter's life a nightmare. He was able to catch Spider-Man beating him up on tape and frame him for the murder of Joey Z. See The Identity Crisis Storyline for more details. Spider-Man eventually stopped Osborn and his plot to infect the world with a deadly virus. Osborn has become even more insane after the Gathering of Five.

[green goblin]

Powers and Abilities

Strength level: The Goblin formula increased Osborn's strength. However, he is not as strong as Spider-Man.

Powers: Increased intelligence due to the Goblin Formula

Abilities: He led a gang for a short time. He is a genius when it comes to chemicals and electronics.

Equipment: Started out with a flying broomstick. He later modified it to the recognizable Goblin Glider. It could go up to 90 miles per hour and support 400 pounds.

Weapons: Concussive, smoke, gas and incendiary bombs. Gloves capable of conducting pulses of electricity upwards of 10,000 volts.

Limitations: It almost seems to be that he has no limitations. He was able to survive being impaled by his own glider.

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