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The Ultimate Scarlet Spider Page


Welcome to an Un-Official Scarlet Spider Page. The image to your left comes from the Ben Reilly Page. See link below. This page is in no way associated with Marvel Entertainment Group Inc .

I am designing this page so people can read about a character that got shafted in the comics. I never really liked Ben Reilly as Spider-Man, but I loved him as the Scarlet Spider and did not want him to die. He made a great new hero as the Scarlet Spider. He had the same enthusiasm as Spider-Man when he began his career. I hope you enjoy this site and feel free to e-mail me.

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    Updates: Hey everyone. I haven't updated this page in a few years. I finally got around to changing the email link. Sorry to anyone who has tried to email me and not gotten a response back but I haven't been at the email account that was originally linked in quite some time. I decided to finally update some info on the site thanks to Marvel releasing the Complete Clone Saga Epic Book 1 recently. It kind of renewed my interest in the character.
  • Image comes from the Spider-man pics page. See link below

    Another great image from the Ben Reilly Page. See link to the right


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