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Height: 5'8"(human) 6'4"(Warren's clone)
Weight: ?
Eyes: Black
Hair: Brown as human. Jackal has green hair
Other Distinguishing Features: Warren altered himself to be a real jackal.

Real Name: Miles Warren
Other Current Aliases: None that I know of
Former Aliases: None
Dual Identity: Known to Peter Parker, Ben Reilly, Mary Jane, Gwen Stacey clone
Current Occupation: Nothing, he's dead
Former Occupation: Professor at ESU
Citizenship: U.S. Citizen
Legal Status: No record
Place of Birth: Unknown (I'm still trying to find out)
Marital Status: Widow
Known Relatives: His clone
Known Confidants: None
Known Allies: Spider-Cide, Peter Parker (only a brief time when he flipped out)
Major Enemies: Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider, Kaine
Usual Base of Operations: New York City
Former Base of Operations: Had laboratories all over
Current Group Membership: None
Former Group Membership: None

Miles Warren was Peter Parker's professor at ESU. He was married to a woman named Monica and they had children. His wife left him when he became obsessed with his work. However, she and their children died in a car accident. Warren used teaching to ease his pain. However, he fell in love with one of his students, Gwen Stacy (who was Peter's girlfriend at the time). After Gwen was murdered by the Green Goblin, Warren became unbalanced. He blamed Spider-Man for Gwen's death.

Warren once studied under the High Evolutionary and learned how to clone a human being. He took blood samples of Gwen and Spider-Man that he found and began his experiments. When Spidey's clone was "born" Warren learned Peter Parker was actually Spider-Man. Warren was able to copy Peter's memories into the clones he created. Warren adopted a second personality, the Jackal to go through with his plans. Warren's early experiments at cloning had problems. The first clone, Kaine suffered from degeneration. Eventually Warren achieved success and engineered a fight between the real Spider-Man and the clone. The fight was set at Shea Stadium and the clone "died" during the course of the battle. Spidey disposed of the "body" in a nearby smokestack. Warren was believed to be killed as well.

However, this was really a clone of the Jackal. The real Jackal rescued the Spidey clone who was not really dead. One of Warren's clones of himself married the clone of Gwen Stacey and died to save her. Warren's first clone of himself was left in the chamber too long, and developed a disease. The clone became Carrion, one of Spidey's toughest enemies. Warren genetically engineered himself to be a real jackal. This Jackal tormented Peter and Ben and kept alive the question "Who was the real Spider-Man?" After Peter learned he was the clone, the Jackal manipulated him into aiding in his plans. Ben snapped Peter out of it and the Jackal fell to his death in a battle with them. However, the Jackal had left a programmed message in Peter's brain. When he spoke his last words, the program was triggered and Peter attempted to kill Mary Jane. She was able to stop Peter by showing him how much they meant to one another.


Powers and Abilities

Strength level: As Miles Warren, normal strength of a human. As the genetically engineered version, he has super human strength.

Powers: As the genetically engineered Jackal, Warren has high level of speed and agility.

Abilities: Warren is a scientist and expert at genetics.

Equipment: Genetic equipment to make his clones

Weapons: Razor sharp claws

Limitations: Plenty, he's now dead (we hope!).

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