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Mary-Jane Watson


Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
Other Distinguishing Features: None

Real Name: Mary-Jane Watson-Parker
Other Current Aliases: None
Former Aliases: None
Current Occupation: Model
Former Occupation: Actress - was Sybil on Secret Hospital
Citizenship: U.S. Citizen
Legal Status: No criminal record
Place of Birth:
Marital Status: Married
Extent of Education:Presently a graduate student
Known Relatives: Anna Watson (aunt)
Known Confidants: Peter Parker, Felicia Hardy
Former Base of Operations: None
Current Group Membership: None
Former Group Membership:

May Parker was always trying to set up a blind date for Peter with Anna Watson's niece, Mary-Jane. Peter thought that anyone who his aunt suggested had to be ugly or very boring. In Amazing Spider-Man #42, Peter got the surprise of a lifetime when he met Mary Jane. He couldn't believe his eyes. MJ stood in the doorway with her flaming red hair and uttered that famous line, "Face it Tiger, you just hit the jackpot." Peter was instantly attracted to MJ and she seemed to be attracted to him. From the first issue she appeared in she seemed to be full of life. She had a let's party attitude and did not seem to take anything seriously. Peter loved being around MJ, but at times he thought she was a little flighty.

In Amazing Spider-Man #44, Mary Jane met Harry Osborn, Flash Thompson, and Gwen Stacy. Gwen seemed to be jealous of MJ, which Peter noticed. In fact Gwen and MJ constantly competed for Peter's affections. They had quite a rivalry going. However, Peter realized he was in love with Gwen and Mary Jane started to date Harry Osborn. There relationship did not amount to much. She did not want to have a serious relationship with anybody at the time. Harry cared for her and was crushed when she broke up with him. In fact, that was one of the reasons he turned to drugs. For a while, everyone thought Peter and Gwen would be together forever, but Norman Osborn (the Green Goblin) put an end to that. In a battle with Spider-Man, Gwen was knocked off the Brooklyn Bridge. Spider-Man tried to web her, but the fall killed her. Peter was of course devastated and could not date anyone for a while. However, MJ was there for Peter in his time of grief.

Peter and Mary Jane eventually grew closer and he proposed to her. She turned him down and left New York. Peter later began to date Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat. Peter and MJ remained friends during this time. Peter broke off his relationship with the Black Cat in Spectacular Spider-Man #100. One of the reasons for this was because she only loved Spider-Man, not Peter Parker. Before this happened, however, Mary Jane told Peter that she knew he was Spider-Man for years. It was the reason why she said no to his marriage proposal. We also learned MJ's "let's party" attitude was a cover for her real emotions. She had a difficult childhood. Her father left her at a young age and her mother died of an illness. In addition her sister was pregnant with her second child. However, MJ refused to stay with her sister and give up her dreams. That is why she came to New York in the first place, to be an actress.

Peter and MJ moved towards a relationship for a second time. However, neither one admitted this at first. In Amazing Spider-Man #290 Peter realized he was missing something in his life. He realized he felt alone and also realized whom much he cared for Mary Jane. He proposed to her a second time. The next issue he got an answer of "No". MJ really did not mean to blurt out the answer but she learned her sister, Gayle was in trouble. She had to head to Pittsburgh immediately. When she got there, she discovered her sister was arrested for stealing a valuable manuscript for their father. She called Peter in New York and asked him to come to Pittsburgh. However, he was worried about Alistair Smythe who had recently returned with a new Spider-Slayer. However, when MJ told him she loved him he got on the next plane.

Peter did not know it but Smythe followed him. He was able to defeat the Spider-Slayer and help MJ in her ordeal. Her father was arrested for the theft and her sister was released from jail. Mary Jane was also able to start to mend fences with her sister. In Amazing Spider-Man #292, MJ accepted Peter's marriage proposal. They were married in Amazing Spider-Man annual #21. Peter and MJ's life has not been easy. They constantly had to face the plots of his enemies. MJ tried to cope the best way she could and started smoking. Fortunately she was able to kick the habit. MJ is a remarkable person. She has stayed by Peter's side through his worst times. She has had to face tremendous loss as well. She lost her baby thanks to Norman Osborn. However, she and Peter were able to eventually move on with their lives.

Since the relaunch, Peter and MJ's relationship has been on the rocks. It seemed they were headed for a divorce. Then she supposedly died in a plane crash. In the last few months, Peter has been trying to cope with her "death". However, MJ is expected to return soon. Only time will tell if she and Peter will stay together.


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